02 May 2007


While I missed the original airing, I found the complete episode of The Simpsons spoofing World of Warcraft. Yes, I know South Park did it better and with the game's graphics but something about this spoof made me smirk, from the way the caught the look of the game to the way Bart and Marge have their issues. Among the one-liners. "What a fun quest. Aren't you glad I made you take that nap in the middle?" "If you kill me, I'll egg your houses in real life"...

I did like the subplot about Lisa finding love for the Beautiful Game, with a cameo by Ronaldo... who ruins families...muhuhaha.

Link to a games page that has the links to the Simpsons video (split into two parts)...

Gah. AC Milan beat ManU. Still, ManU wasn't putting up much of a fight from what I could tell.

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